420 Development Programme Supported By Allen 

We have been supporting the 420 Class Development Programme by supplying new hardware for the use of the sailors who need it most. Heres a summary of the clinic in Chinese Taipei:

The final on the water session for coaches and sailors at the Chinese Taipei clinic saw sailors take on a light breeze day to put their race strategy into practice and demonstrate the significant improvements that have been achieved.

The final day advanced the coaches and sailors to learn more about race strategy, including how to prepare for a race, what to consider, how to prepare and execute a race strategy. New found skills were then put into action out on the water with practical sessions on boat handling, mark rounding and how to secure that perfect start.

Back ashore, head coach Nikos Drougkas led the final debrief, before 420 Class Vice-President Jose Massapina presented certificates of achievement to all.

Twenty-six sailors and coaches from Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Thailand joined the five-day clinic which equiped coaches and sailors with knowledge and expertise in the 420 Class, through a mix of shore side theory and on-water practical sessions. Topics included:

•    Tactics
•    Strategy
•    Skills Setting
•    Boat Preparation
•    Training Exercises
•    Running a training programme
•    Effective Briefing/Debriefing
•    Racing Rules and Race Management
•    Video Skills
•    Psychology and Physiology
•    And more …

The Clinic was a mix of on-water sessions, lectures, exercises and presentations led by head coach, Nikos Drougkas (GRE) with Jose Massapina (POR), 420 Class Vice-President responsible for development. Find out more about the clinic and the 5-Day Programme.

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