RS Feva Rigging Guide

We have been a longtime supporter of the RS Feva class and many of our Team Allen sailors started their sailing careers within this youth asymmetric dinghy.

Having supported many of our Team Allen sailors from the beginning we have built up a good knowledge of what kit makes an RS Feva go quickly.

Race Kicker

The kicker race upgrade is simple. All you need is a 6:1 purchase system comprising of a single A2039-CAM – 30mm single with fiddle and cleat – and 2 x A2020 – 20mm dynamic single.


The Mainsheet comprises an A2160 – 60mm Pro Ratchet – and 3 x A2030 – 30mm dynamic single. To make the most of your mainsheet set up it is also vital that you have an adjustable bridle

Race Outhaul

The Outhaul upgrade is a 4:1 purchase system comprising of 1 x A2030 – 30mm dynamic single – and 1 x A2020 – 20mm dynamic single.


For ultimate control on the kite sheets, Team Allen sailors suggest using a standard A2030 – 30mm dynamic single – This way you get the ultimate control and feel of the kite. If you don’t feel confident not having a ratchet, try the A2140 – Switchable ratchet – instead. Alternatively, you can try the A2345 – 45mm AutoRatchet – if you prefer to have the sheets run more freely during a gybe.

For a brief rigging guide check out the video below with World Champion and Team Allen sailor, Ben Hutton-Penman



Check out some heavy weather gybing techniques from Team Allen sailor Dylan Collingbourne