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Batten Pocket Protector – Long


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Batten Pocket Protector – Long

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Batten Pocket Protector – Long


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Batten Pocket Protector - Long

Titlelength overall mmthickness overall mmto suit batten diameter mmto suit batten thickness mmto suit batten width mmweight gwidth overall mmPrice ex VAT
A..51Batten Pocket Protector With SS Screws4610-527720£1.10
A.101Batten Compression Adjuster7120-914828£2.11
A.102Stainless Steel Batten Pocket Connector66--10-4718£18.53
A.151Batten Pocket Protector With Brass Screws479-434310£1.33
A.251Batten Pocket Protector With Brass Screws8513-7601315£1.90
A.351Batten Pocket Protector Brass Screws6410-5401130£2.70
A.419LBatten Pocket Protector - Long913222105314278£17.83
A.419SBaton Pocket Protector - Short7025156428063£17.83
A.451Batten Pocket Protector With Brass Screws4316-6251334£2.96
A.651Batten End Cap3310-614.52028£0.83
A.751Batten End Cap2010-720632£0.67
A.851Batten Pocket Protector With SS Screws6410-5231535£3.35
A.951-10Inboard Batten Adjuster6217-4103335£14.62