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Aluminium Through Deck Bush – Blue


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Aluminium Through Deck Bush

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The aluminium range comes in both threaded and non-threaded versions. The threaded through deck bush allows for a perfect fit to your deck and stops rope wear both top and bottom. Aluminium through deck bushes are available in a choice of 6 colours, allowing you to add a personalised touch.

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Weight 4 g

Black, Blue, Gold, Orange, Purple, Silver


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Aluminium Through Deck Bush - Blue

Descriptionfixing hole centres mmfixing hole depth mmfixing hole diameter mminside diameter mmoutside diameter mmweight gRRP
A..39Through Deck Bush With Flange 28939193£0.90
A..40Stainless Steel Fair Lead -18-11 x 3514 x 3712£10.28
A..40-12Stainless Steel Fair Lead-12-11 x 3514 x 377£10.28
A.139Through Deck Bush With Flange449320337£1.50
A.239Through Deck Bush With Flange319312224£1.26
A.339Through Deck Bush With Flange363915255£1.08
A.439Through Deck Bush-8-8130.5£0.72
A.439-14Through Deck Bush-14-8132£0.88
A.439A-BAluminium Through Deck Bush -...-8-8133£8.23
A.539Through Deck Bush -8-13162£1.14
A.539-14Through Deck Bush-14-13162£1.38
A.539A-BAluminium Through Deck Bush -...-8-13164£8.81
A4039Through Deck Bush With Flange ...2893 6195£4.27
A4139Through Deck Bush With Flange ...4594203312£6.23
A4239Through Deck Bush With Flange ...319311229£5.16
A4339Through Deck Bush With Flange ...3693132512£5.16
A4439Through Deck Bush With Stainle...-8-6133£3.96
A4439-14Through Deck Bush With Stainle...-14-6133.5£4.27
A4539Through Deck Bush With Stainle...-8-13164£5.08
A4539-14Through Deck Bush With Stainle...-14-13165.7£5.53
A8040-34Aluminium Rope Guide-638 x 1134 x 844 x 4210£18.46
A8040-56Aluminium Rope Guide -660 x 2056 x 1668 x 3613£26.98
A8439-13Aluminium Threaded Through Dec...-13 Min - 18 Max-8135£16.52
A8439-17Aluminium Threaded Through Dec...-17 Min - 22 Max-8136£16.52
A8439-25Aluminium Threaded Through Dec...-25 Min - 30 Max-8127.5£16.64
A8439-7Aluminium Threaded Through Dec...-7 Min - 12 Max-8133.7£16.52
A8439-9Aluminium Threaded Through Dec...-9 Min - 14 Max -8135£16.52
A8539-13Aluminium Threaded Through Dec...-13 Min - 18 Max-12167£17.63
A8539-17Aluminium Threaded Through Dec...-17 Min - 22 Max-12168£17.63
A8539-25Aluminium Threaded Through Dec...-25 Min - 30 Max-12169.5£17.72
A8539-29Aluminium Threaded Through Dec...-29 Min - 34 Max-121610.5£17.72
A8539-9Aluminium Threaded Through Dec...-9 Min - 14 Max -12166£17.63
A8639-10Pad-Tii-10 Min - 12 Max 12.8-1921£18.74
A8639-6Pad-Tii-6 Min - 8 Max12.8-1921£18.74
A8639-8Pad-Tii-8 Min - 10 Max12.8-1921£18.74
A8739-10Pad-Tii-10 Min - 12 Max16-2421£19.78
A8739-6Pad-Tii-6 Min - 8 Max16-2421£19.78
A8739-8Pad-Tii-8 Min - 10 Max 16-2421£19.78