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20mm Double w/Swivel


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Double With Swivel

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20mm Double Swivel

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20mm Double w/Swivel

Descriptionbreaking load kgfixing hole centres mmlength mmmaximum line diameter mmmaximum working load kgshackle pin mmweight gRRP
A2020-4035Single With P-Clip540-606115515£11.96
A2020-4036Single With Offset Lacing Eye54015526115-15£13.37
A2020HLSingle High Load - Stainless S...540-376250-17.5£25.30
A2020HL-4036Single High Load With Lacing E...50015526250-21£28.78
A2020LZSingle Stand-Up Fixed52027436115-15.4£16.61
A2020SCSingle With Swivel Head350-536115415.4£25.24
A2020SHKSingle With Swivel Hook350-586115-19£24.49
A2020TIISingle Tii-On With Soft Shackl...540-296115-8£19.84
A2020XHLExtreme High Load Single - Bla...900-296300-17£92.47
A2021Single Multi Function350-356115-11.5£9.17
A2021FSingle With Fork Head350-486115415.2£15.80
A2021HKSingle Fork Head165-656115-17.5£15.32
A2021SCSingle With Shackle Swivel Hea...350-526115415.4£22.87
A2022FDouble With Fork500-516115415.5£27.07
A2022LZDouble Stand Up Fixed500-536200-34£32.03
A2022SC20mm Double Swivel300-566115435£38.18
A2022TiiDouble Tii-On With Soft Shackl...540-296115-15.6£26.20
A2023Double With Becket500-596225-33.5£26.68
A2023HKDouble With Becket And Hook500-1106225-60.2£42.70
A2024-677Triple With Inverted Cleat650-556320-86.9£84.61
A2024FTriple With Fork650-516300448£61.08
A2025Triple With Becket650-666320-52.9£40.66
A2025-677Triple, Inverted Cleat & Becke...650-666320-86.9£88.55
A2026Single Cheek350-456115415.3£14.84
A2026-PROFIXCheek Adaptor For A2021------3.8£6.29
A2026MSingle Composite Cheek54018336115-12£16.44
A2027Triple, Cleat & Becket650-756320-86.9£88.55
A2027NBTriple With Extended Cleat And...650-756320-98£88.55
A2028Back To Back540-526115-20£22.62
A2028HLHigh Load Back To Back540-526300-32£53.36
A2029Linked Singles540-706115-21.8£21.20
A2121Single Through Deck40042546105-10.80£20.36
A2122Double Through Deck 35064606105-20£20.84
A2126MDouble Composite Cheek Block54018336115-23£36.18
A4502Classic Stand Up Single35027 x 19326105-22£18.56
A4710Lightweight Stand Up Single 35026376105-19£14.69
A4968Flip Flop35016336105-19£29.53
A5849Deck Mounting For Control Line...35025516115450£48.17