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40mm Extreme High Load Blue


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Extreme High Load Blue

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Extreme High Load Blue


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40mm Extreme High Load Blue

Descriptionbreaking load kgfixing hole centres mmlength mmmaximum line diameter mmmaximum working load kgshackle pin mmweight gRRP
A2040-4222ASSSingle With Swivel Plate And S...800-7810180-69£34.76
A2040BSingle With Removable Bolt800-6410180-37.2£31.27
A2040HKSingle With Hook500-11010200-68£34.67
A2040LZSingle With Lacing Eye And Spr...8003477.510180-45£32.39
A2040SCSingle With Swivel800-7310180446.5£31.99
A2040SC-676Single With Swivel And A.676 C...800-73101804142£76.82
A2040SC-677Single With Swivel and A.677 C...800-7361804107£76.67
A2040TiiSingle Tii-On 800-5810180-34.5£28.09
A2040XHL-BLACKExtreme High Load Black1500-548400-71£134.42
A2040XHL-BLUEExtreme High Load Blue1500-548400-71£134.42
A2040XHL-GOLDExtreme High Load Gold1500-548400-71£134.42
A2040XHL-ORANGEExtreme High Load Orange1500-548400-71£134.42
A2040XHL-PURPLEExtreme High Load Purple1500-548400-71£134.42
A2040XHL-SILVERExtreme High Load Silver1500-548400-71£134.42
A2041Single With Swivel And 20mm Fi...800-10010180486£63.60
A2041-676Single With Swivel, 20mm Fiddl...800-100101804140£105.07
A2041-677Single With Swivel, 20mm Fiddl...800-10061804128£99.68
A2041-677HKSingle With Swivel, Fiddle Blo...500-10061804140£102.34
A2043Single With Swivel And Becket800-10010180479£60.54
A2043-676Single With Swivel, Becket And...800-100101804157£101.70
A2043-677Single With Swivel, Becket And...800-10061804152£101.70
A2044Single With Swivel, 20mm Fiddl...800-122101804100£71.24
A2044-676Single With Swivel, Fiddle Blo...800-122101804152£112.40
A2044-677Single With Swivel, Fiddle Blo...800-12261804147£107.11
A2046Single Cheek800356210180-33.0£29.62