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Blue Carbon Tiller Extension


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Blue Carbon Tiller Extension With Universal Joint

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Blue Carbon Fibre Tiller Extension With Universal Joint And Peel Ply Grip. The Blue Carbon range has a dark blue wrap included in the carbon tube, it gives a really nice blue shine in the sun. It’s something that hasn’t been done before in tiller extensions and we feel it really makes the whole thing pop! It will give the end-user the best quality performance as well as making the boat look great. We offer the blue carbon tiller extensions in six set lengths to suit most boats. However, it can easily be customised by removing the universal joint and cutting to the desired length. Once done, simply reinstall the UJ. The range features a peel ply grip, which offers unrivalled weight to grip ratio along the length of the extension. Lengths over 1.9meters come with a smaller end-knob to reduce outboard weight.

2 reviews for Blue Carbon Tiller Extension

  1. daniel

    Best Carbon tiller extensions on the market by far. These can seriously bend before snapping which is key in a 49er! They also look incredible and are still just as lightweight as any other carbon tiller extensions out there!

  2. lennartfrohmann

    The best and most stylish tiller extensions in the boat park. Never had such a stiff tiller extension, that still bends so much when needed on a tight starting line. Simply the best !!

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Blue Carbon Tiller Extension

Titlelength ftlength mmtube diameter mmweight gPrice ex VAT
A5506Carbon Fibre Tiller Extension With Soft Grip26092096£56.34
A5507Carbon Fibre Tiller Extension With Soft Grip2.371020103£60.88
A5511Carbon Fibre Tiller Extension With Soft Grip3.6110020110£78.97
A5512Carbon Fibre Tiller Extension With Soft Grip3.11120020147£83.51
A5514Carbon Fibre Tiller Extension With Soft Grip4.7140020164£92.55
A5519Carbon Fibre Tiller Extension With Soft Grip6.3190020206£110.54
A5521Carbon Fibre Tiller Extension With Soft Grip6.11210020226£119.58
A5525Carbon Fibre Tiller Extension With Soft Grip8.2250020269£142.30
A5814Blue Carbon Tiller Extension4.7140023282£92.55
A5819Blue Carbon Tiller Extension6.3190023368£110.54
A5821Blue Carbon Tiller Extension6.11210023402£119.58
A5825Blue Carbon Tiller Extension8.2250023468£142.30