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Blue Carbon Fibre Tiller Extension


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Blue Carbon Tiller Extension With Universal Joint

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Weight 240 g


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Blue Carbon Fibre Tiller Extension

Descriptionlength ftlength mmtube diameter mmweight gRRP
A5506Carbon Fibre With Soft Grip An...26092096£58.76
A5507Carbon Fibre With Soft Grip An...2.371020103£63.48
A5512Carbon Fibre With Soft Grip An...4120020147£87.10
A5514Carbon Fibre With Soft Grip An...4.10140020164£96.50
A5519Carbon Fibre With Soft Grip An...6.3190020206£115.26
A5521Carbon Fibre With Soft Grip An...6.9210020226£124.68
A5525Carbon Fibre With Soft Grip An...8.3250020269£148.39
A5811Blue Carbon Tiller Extension W...3.6110023240£82.33
A5812Blue Carbon Tiller Extension W...3.9120023250£87.10
A5814Blue Carbon Tiller Extension W...4.5140023282£96.50
A5819Blue Carbon Tiller Extension W...6.2190023368£115.26
A5821Blue Carbon Tiller Extension W...6.8210023402£124.68
A5825Blue Carbon Tiller Extension W...8.2250023468£148.39