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Jammer Deck Cleat


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Jammer Deck Cleat

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Jammer Deck Cleat

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Weight 1630 g
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 200 mm


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Jammer Deck Cleat

Titlea mmb mmc mmd mme mmf mmg mmweight gRRP
YS7106ADeck Cleat24543689544117M61400£60.28
YS7106BDeck Cleat30754.58012050151M81000£87.05
YS7107ADeck Or Mast Cleat831016.5203835M530£19.82
YS7107BDeck Or Mast Cleat1121020264945M560£23.47
YS7107CDeck Or Mast Cleat1581828306460M6150£29.80
YS7107DDeck Or Mast Cleat1782029357170M6250£35.39
YS7107EDeck Or Mast Cleat2052131.5357575M6250£39.22
YS7107FDeck Or Mast Cleat2532538.545101100M10500£68.68
YS7109ADeck Cleat1532769404664M8280£41.70
YS7109BDeck Cleat2053680555683M8600£55.50
YS7109CDeck Cleat265421047574107M81000£86.98
YS7109DDeck Cleat311421046775105M81100£103.32
YS7109EDeck Cleat362481177678116M101400£176.70
YS7110ADeck Cleat91935362054M440£18.98
YS7110BDeck Cleat103434312246M450£21.12
YS7110CDeck Cleat132844372856M580£27.23
YS7110DDeck Cleat1677.550463071M5160£36.56
YS7111ADeck Cleat1611858523875M6250£37.40
YS7111BDeck Cleat2072365604684M6300£52.27
YS7111CDeck Cleat25428.4837557112M8650£68.68
YS7111DDeck Cleat30529827857112M8750£85.80
YS7111EDeck Cleat35530878460121M81000£124.62
YS7111FDeck Cleat40533908862128M81350£176.58
YS7111GDeck cleat450341079477135M102000£149.05
YS7115ADeck Or Mast Cleat156233248-75M6180£33.83
YS7115BDeck Or Mast Cleat179253354-83M6200£38.14
YS7115CDeck Or Mast Cleat201283759-86M6300£45.91
YS7116BDeck Cleat20038897560103M82000£47.95
YS7116CDeck Cleat25439907764106M82000£50.33
YS7116DDeck Cleat35039817955114M82000£85.84
YS7164CJammer Deck Cleat15530305364-M61630£48.77
YS7180AOpen Base Cleat14221.545582978M5100£46.03
YS7180BOpen Base Cleat1662148693190M5200£47.26
YS7180COpen Base Cleat20231657942105M6250£47.87