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Tapered Stanchion


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Tapered Stanchion

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Tapered Stanchion

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Tapered Stanchion

Descriptiona mmb mmc mmd mme mmf mmg mmweight gRRP
YS47-20Stanchion Base747426.544.5375.5M6500£77.28
YS47HToe Rail Stanchion6102534559325.4-5700£69.13
YS47H-GWGangway Gates61025.4345597---1620£148.12
YS47K-GWGangway Gates68625.4375675---1850£148.12
YS7157AStanchion Base95.567.525.464--M6300£40.80
YS7157BStanchion Base9063.525.470--M6250£41.98
YS7165ATapered Stanchion50825.4-49725.4-4.8300£50.65
YS7165BTapered Stanchion63525.430562225.4-4.8390£50.69
YS7165CTapered Stanchion76225.435775025.4-4.8460£68.62