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Closed Fairlead


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Closed Fairlead

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Closed Fairlead

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Weight 60 g
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 200 mm


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Closed Fairlead

Titlea mmb mmc mmd mme mmf mmg mmj mmweight gRRP
YS.800AClosed Fairlead89302272--M5-60£38.90
YS.801AClosed Fairlead1594332127--M8-200£45.48
YS.863AThrough Fairlead1093258957930M59160£75.53
YS.863CThrough Fairlead1647210013511152M614800£114.42
YS7117AStraight Fairlead145402911715-M8-250£31.76
YS7117BStraight Fairlead177553715129-M8-350£41.38
YS7117CStraight Fairlead19663421654085M8-550£57.08
YS7119DHanded Fairlead173503714724-M8-300£113.57
YS7120AHanded Fairlead863114.567.512.5-M5-150£47.71
YS7120BHanded Fairlead1053323.58418-M5-200£49.72
YS7120CHanded Fairlead128383010518-M6-350£55.91
YS7120DHanded Fairlead160423313218-M8-580£90.71
YS7120FHanded Fairlead2195844.517831-M10-1450£144.16
YS7121CHanded Fairlead13440.52911117-M6-320£62.89
YS7121DHanded Fairlead158503213419.5-M8-360£88.51
YS7121EHanded Fairlead21062.54117529.5-M10-600£122.74
YS8380Straight Fairlead10750417820-M8-350£73.51
YS8380AStraight Fairlead12768499325-M10-600£96.71