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Ratchet Blocks

Years of constant development, with the world's top sailors, has led us to the release our new generation X2 AutoRatchets. The new “X2” pawl system incorporates two pawls to ensures that the load is evenly shared, this means that the block will withstand higher working loads, increasing both the reliability and longevity. It also features the patented swivel head lock system which can be fixed in position, allowing for more setup options. Allen Switchable Ratchet Blocks can easily be switched on or off, even under load for total flexibility. The patented swivel head lock system can be fixed in position, allowing for more setup options. The sheave design gives high grip under load while allowing easy release when required.

Titlebreaking load kglength mmmaximum line diameter mmmaximum working load kgshackle pin mmsheave size mmtrigger load kgweight gPrice ex VAT
A.622Spring Guard For Switchable Ratchets-------2.1£1.57
A2058Triple With Switchable Ratchet & Adjustable Cleat95012010470450-394£125.94
A2068Triple With Switchable Ratchet & Adjustable Cleat125014512600560-535£132.33
A2140Single Switchable Ratchet475786120440-40£38.59
A2150CPro-Ratchet 50 With Cheek Adaptor7009210200450-80£47.25
A2150FIDDLESingle Switchable Ratchet With Fiddle70012610200450-80£54.88
A2151Single Switchable Ratchet With Becket & Cleat70013610200450-64.6£79.10
A2159Quint With Ratchet And Adjustable Cleat 70013610200450-503£236.30
A2160Pro-Ratchet 100011012275560-110£65.27
A2160CSingle Switchable Ratchet With Cheek Adaptor100010812275560-139£70.06
A2160FIDDLE60mm Ratchet Block w/Fiddle100015012275560-139£86.68
A2160WAVEPro-Ratchet With Wave Sheave 100011012275560-110£68.53
A2161Single Switchable Ratchet With Becket & Cleat100012712275560-333£89.84
A2169Quint With Ratchet And Adjustable Cleat 125014812600660-749£315.73
A2345X2 AutoRatchet2809081404451056£52.90
A2360X2 AutoRatchet 10001101227556010139£64.97
A2360WAVEX2 Wave AutoRatchet10001101227556010139£68.20