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Spinnaker Pole Fittings & Accessories

Allen spinnaker pole mast brackets are available in 316 Stainless Steel or Acetal resin, designed to suit Allen spinnaker and jib pole end fittings.Allen spinnaker pole tube is anodised and comes in pre-cut 4m lengths. Nylon spinnaker pole end spikes and hooks, piston triggered spinnaker pole ends are made from tough composite reinforced nylon with 316 stainless steel hardware.Allen's spinnaker pole ends are designed to suit Allen spinnaker pole mast brackets.

Titleeye inside diameter mmeye outside diameter mmfixing hole centres mmfixing hole diameter mmlength mmmaximum rope size mmspar diameter mmweight gPrice ex VAT
A..31Spinnaker Pole Snap Hook9---428228£2.71
A..54Jib Stick Spike----52-228£2.75
A.131External Spinnaker Pole Snap Hook9-3348381512£3.53
A.132Spinnaker Pole Mast Bracket Single Eye - Acetal 127-3--358£3.53
A.154External Jib Stick Spike--35489-1511£3.28
A.232Spinnaker Pole Mast Bracket Double Eye - Acetal 127-3--5012£4.15
A.257Spinnaker Pole Cleat--3641056-18£1.80
A.357Spinnaker Pole Ramp--4941506-16£1.96
A.602Spinnaker Pole Tubing 25mm O/D----4-2512£75.51
A.932Pole Launcher50------80£202.71
A4232Spinnaker Pole Mast Bracket Double Eye - Stainless166-4--50 - 7061£20.11
A4331Piston Triggered Spinnaker Pole End13-7051421034150£20.78
A4332Spinnaker Pole Mast Bracket Single Eye - Stainless176-4--5037£12.80
A4431Piston triggered spinnaker pole end10-37610272250£14.24