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Aluminium Tiller Extensions

Our Range of Aluminium Tiller Extensions are lightweight and feature a foam grip to give you the ultimate control. Available in 7 lengths and 7 anodised colours, Red, Blue, Black, Silver, Orange, Purple and Graphite. 

Titlelength ftlength mmsuitable forweight gRRP
A.454Tiller Extension Retaining Clip --All Aluminium Tiller Extensions 4£1.32
A4198Aluminium Tiller Extension2.29700-141£39.94
A4298Aluminium Tiller Extension 2.6762Laser 2, Laser 3000147£40.44
A4298TOPAluminium Tiller Extension 2.3685Topper177£41.72
A4498-Aluminium Tiller Extension 3915470,420, Enterprise, GP14, Pico170£41.62
A4498TopAlumnium Tiller Extension 2'3975Topper177£41.76
A4698Aluminium Tiller Extension 3.61067Laser, RS400, Finn, 29er, RSFeva, RS200195£44.86
A4798Aluminium Tiller Extension 6.61975B14, RS600, Int.14, Contender, Spice347£52.99
A4898Aluminium Tiller Extension 2609Optimist, Cadet124£38.40