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For many years the Allen development team were keen to design a trapeze system that improves the safety of the sport and reduces the risk of entrapment by the traditional hook-on trapeze harness. Designer Julian Bethwaite had also been thinking along the same lines and had produced a prototype of the Keyball trapeze system. In conjunction with Bethwaite Design, Allen has developed the concept into a sleek and innovative design, eliminating the hook altogether and creating a safe intuitive solution that really works. The Allen Keyball system removes the traditional hook from the trapeze harness and replaces it with a moulded plastic socket. The Keyball socket has no sharp edges or protruding parts meaning there is a reduced risk of entrapment for the user. By wearing a Keyball harness you will also limit the chances of damaging the equipment on the boat, users are less likely to rip the sail or pierce the deck/hull of a boat because of the lack of pointy edges.

Title weight g Price ex. VAT
KEYBALLHARNESS-RAD Banks Sails Radial Harness With Keyball 800 £149.73
KEYBALLHARNESS-SKIFF Banks Sails Skiff Keyball Harness 800 £119.35
ROOSTER-KEYBALL Rooster Keyball Trapeze Harness 1.75 £154.18
ZHIK-KEYBALL Zhik T3 Keyball Harness 1500 £202.80