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Snatch Blocks

A snatch block is a variation of pulley that has been designed to allow quick attaching and releasing of lines. Our range comes with a simple hinge mechanism that allows the side cheek to open a bit like an oyster shell.

Available with or without the locking mechanism to suit different applications. The locking mechanism can be operated with one hand.

Generally, snatch blocks are utilised in barber haulier or spinnaker sheet systems on a boat, where you may want to quickly attach or release the block.

Also widely used in non-marine sectors such as theatre production, tree surgery and cargo transportation.

Dynamic Bearings – Twin rows of stainless steel balls running on a stainless steel rail. 

SKU Title breaking load kglength mmmaximum line diameter mmmaximum working load kgsheave diameter mm Weight g Price
A1375 Snatch Block 700766 - 1020040 95 £49.88
A1375-A4102 Snatch Block With Swivel 700766 - 1020040 95 £59.76
A1375-S Snatch Block With Additional Small Sheave 700801020040 & 16 93.5 £57.43
A1376 Snatch Block With Snap Shackle 700766 - 1020040 203 £74.94
A1377 Snatch Block With No Keeper Mechanism 700766 - 1020040 94 £74.94
A1378 Back To Back Snatch Blocks With Swivel 700766 - 1020040 373 £148.43
A4475 Snatch Block No Keeper 350535 - 614030 28 £27.19