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Mainsheet Jammers

Allen Mainsheet Jammers have had many hours of research and development togive the best possible product.  Our mainsheet jammer range uses our World leading cold forged bearing system which has a ball locating groove forsmooth rotation whilst preventing the lateral movement of the arm.  Theangle and height of the cam cleat has been carefully designed to optimisemainsheet jamming and release when required.  The angles of rotation canbe set to 180, 220 or 360 degrees. The A5266 range has the block mounted behind the swivelcentre and angled towards the cleat. This creates a turning force on the blockand jammer, meaning that the cleat will always be forced to point away from theboom and towards the helm ensuring the rope is to hand.

SKU Title comes withfixing hole centres mmfixing hole diameter mmmaximum working load kg Weight g Price
A5166COMPACT Compact Mainsheet Jammer A2160, A..76-49619.5 x 19.55600 342 £174.73
A5166DUAL-ARM Standard Height Dual Arm Mainsheet Jammer A..76-496, A..77-49719.5 x 19.55600 513 £324.56
A5166DUAL-ARM-COMPACT Compact Dual Arm Mainsheet Jammer A2160, A..76-496, A..77-49719.5 x 19.55600 504 £324.56
A5166STANDARD Standard Height Mainsheet Jammer A..76-49619.5 x 19.55600 368 £178.13
A5266COMPACT Compact Self Aligning Mainsheet Jammer A..76-49619.5 x 19.55600 369 £188.58
A5266STANDARD Self Aligning Mainsheet Jammer A..76-49619.5 x 19.55600 406 £191.99