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The Pad-Tii range was launched in 2019 following feedback from the marine industry for the need for soft attachment deck fittings. Pad-Tii’s are a great choice if you are looking to add an attachment point to a surface. They offer minimal protrusion yet are easy to thread rope around and give a strong, solid fixing point for any fitting. The Allen design team came up with two solutions after continuing their development on the already tried and tested aluminium through deck bush range. Pad-Tii with fixed Tii-Bar The fixed Tii-Bar version is our simplest option. Installation is easy as there are only two pieces. Push the threaded through deck piece into the required fitting surface. The washer piece is then screwed on from the underside of the mounting surface, both pieces can then be tightened using a pair of circlip tools. For complete water tightness, it is recommended a small amount of sealant is used. Once the product is installed it leaves a smooth attachment point with minimal protrusion. The inside of the Pad-Tii features a domed shape to make feeding rope around the Tii-Bar extremely easy. Pad-Tii with removable Tii-Bar This design incorporates an ingenious removable attachment pin to give a wider range of fitting options. The removable Tii-Bar range comes in 3 pieces. A male and female through deck fitting and the removable Tii-bar. To install the fitting, you simply insert the female through deck part to the underside of the mounting surface. Make a loop with your rope and insert through the male part, then slide the Tii-Bar through the loop of the rope and pull the rope tight, this will hold the Tii-Bar in place. The male part is then screwed into the female part. A set of circlip tools can be used to tighten the through deck fittings. It is also recommended a small amount of sealant is used to ensure full water tightness. It is also possible to bond the female part into the mounting surface so that the male part and Tii-bar can be removed easily without the female part falling away.

SKU Title breaking load kgfixing hole centres mmfixing hole depth maximum mmfixing hole depth minimum mmfixing hole diameter mmmaximum working load kgoutside diameter mm Weight g Price
A8639-10- Pad-Tii 3501312101325019 21 £47.16
A8639-6- Pad-Tii 350138612.825019 21 £47.16
A8639-8- Pad-Till 3501310812.825019 21 £47.16
A8739-10- Pad-Tii 4001712101630024 7 £49.81
A8739-18- Pad-Tii 4001720181630024 10 £50.29
A8739-6- Pad-Tii 40017861630024 7 £49.81
A8739-8- Pad-Tii 400171081630024 7 £49.81
A881310 Pad-Tii Fixed Bar 35013104.512.825019 8 £47.16
A881610 Pad-Tii Fixed Bar 57517104.51635024 10 £49.81
A882525 Pad-Tii Fixed Bar 1400252552570038 33 £68.26