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Self Bailers

Our original self-bailer, A4155, is the lightest self-bailer on the market and drains exceptionally well even at low speeds.Our high performance self-bailer, A4555, gains advantage from it's delta design that increases drainage flow while reducing drag and turbulence. 

Title weight g Price ex. VAT
A.155 Self Bailer Without Stainless Steel Protector 10.6 £35.72
A4155 Self Bailer With stainless Steel Guard 81 £40.47
A4155KIT Spares For Bailer A4155 4 £13.77
A4255 Stainless Steel Guard 32 £8.99
A4555 Advanced 'Delta' Self Bailer 182 £99.40
A4555KIT Spares For Bailer A4555 2 £36.18