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Mast Tracks

External aluminium track in various profiles for mainsails, supplied in either anodised or bare aluminium, for mainsail sliders or bolt rope luff groove.For Allen Sail Track Slides and Slugs click here.

SKU Title end stop requiredfixing hole centres mmfixing hole diameter mminside width mmlength mmto suit slug Weight g Price
A..26-1 Alloy Track Un-Anodised A.136UndrilledUndrilled 163660A..89 and A..95 - £105.59
A..26-2 Alloy Track A.136765163660A..89 and A..95 - £155.84
A..26-260 Alloy Track A.136UndrilledUndrilled 16260A..89 and A..95 - £5.92
A..26-3 Alloy Track A.13676516300A..89 and A..95 - £18.10
A..26-4 Alloy Track A.136765161055A..89 and A..95 - £39.66
A.526-1 Alloy Track Un-Anodised A.738UndrilledUndrilled 192600A..90 and A..92 - £89.71
A.526-2 Alloy Track A.738765192600A..90 and A..92 - £133.12
A.526TA Alloy Track A.738UndrilledUndrilled 192600A..90 and A..92 - £113.98
A.626 Luff Grove Track A.824UndrilledUndrilled 55400A.158 - £120.66
A.626-1 Luff Grove Track Un-Anodised A.824UndrilledUndrilled 55400A.158 - £99.05
A.656 Luff Grove Track A.924UndrilledUndrilled 56000A.158 and A.958 - £115.37
A.656-UNANOD Luff Grove Track Un-Anodised A.924UndrilledUndrilled 56000A.158 and A.958 - £98.12
A.924 Sail Feeder --49.530A.656 - £19.38