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We are a UK based design and engineering company, specialising in marine hardware, but we offer much more than just marine equipment.

We have a 60-year heritage in design and engineering and have worked with a multiplicity of industry-leading companies to solve and perfect products for areas including; medical equipment, automotive parts, window manufacturing, public and defence sector, theatre production, advertising, aviation and much more.

At Allen, we boast a highly-skilled, close-knit team of engineers and designers who can work to deliver premium solutions for custom or mass-production jobs. Our tool room experts have an invaluable amount of knowledge to produce the most suitable tool for your requirements.

As a British, family-owned business, we ensure 100% of our products are designed, manufactured and assembled in-house at our factory in Essex. All our materials, where possible, are sourced from within the UK. We also guarantee a competitive and fair price for any job we undertake.

Some of the Allen in-house resources include:

Design & CAD modelling

Using advanced PTC Creo CAD software the Allen design team can quickly develop new ideas and designs into computer models, which can be structurally assessed with their Ansys computer simulated stress analysis software. Prototype models can be seen within hours using the Dimension 3D part printer.


Finished designs are seamlessly progressed through the tool making stages using the parametric features of PTC Creo tool design and NC machining software. The toolmakers can produce single or multi-impression tools for injection moulding, sheet metal pierces and blank tools, secondary operation form tools, assembly jigs and fixtures.

Component parts

The factory is equipped to manufacture a diverse range of parts and can be particularly flexible in the production of short-run specialist parts, and low to medium volume quantities.

CNC injection moulding

We are experts in the use of advanced engineering polymers and composites such as carbon fibre filled acetals and nylons.

CNC turned parts

5 axis sliding head lathes produce high precision parts in all materials.

CNC sheet metal forming

Presses produce pierced and blanked parts, with secondary forming.

CNC milled parts

Two HAAS 3-axis vertical milling centres allow us to make precision milled parts in a huge range of material.


Our versatile and skilled workforce can provide fully assembled products, using a range of techniques such as welding, drilling, riveting, threaded fasteners, adhesives, pad-printing and packing.

If you have a custom project or would like to find out what Allen can do for you, contact the Allen sales team – or 01621 774689

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