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Dylan Fletcher & Stuart Bithell Win Big

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Phantom National Championships – Phifty Phantastic Years.

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Pro-Sailing Glove

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Tii-on products are the future

Tii-on products are quickly becoming the go to choice for many hardware fittings. So, in this short article we will list a few of our favourite products, as well as explain when and why Tii-on’s should be used.

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Development of new mast tapering process

We are pleased to announce we have been working on some big projects for the marine industry over the past 12 months, one of which is production of 11-meter tapered masts.

The project to create a new tapered mast for the Dragon fleet came about after sailors and boat builders had started to notice the bend characteristics differed between each mast produced. Meaning, if you broke a mast and replaced it with a new one all the tuning and set up and measurements would no longer be valid. This also affected the continuity within the fleet, as each boat would require their own settings to get the most from their specific mast section.

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Sail Slides & Slugs – How to choose correctly.

Why use a sail slide or slug?
What is the difference between sail slide and slug?
Which should you use?

Find out all about our range of sail slides and slugs in this usefull guide.

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Choosing the correct Cam Cleat.

Cam Cleats are available in different materials, sizes and have a wide range of accessories to suit many different applications, so it can be daunting to know which type or accessory is needed to suit specific cleating needs. Here you will find all the information required to make the right choice – all from the designers of the original aluminium cam cleat!

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New Racing Rules of Sailing Poster

The marketing team at Allen has been working closely with Henk Plaatje for many years to develop the racing rules of sailing poster. Once each edition is ready, Allen kindly makes it available to the public to hang in sailing clubs around the World. This year is no different, the poster can easily be downloaded via the Allen website or a hardcopy can be ordered directly to your sailing club. 

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