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Allen becomes hardware partner to the Canadian Sailing Team

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Allen OK National Championship

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OK Dinghy Boom & V2 Vang Lever

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The TiiTAN Block

Introducing the TiiTAN Block, the latest high-performance sailing pulley from Allen. The TiiTAN is a further development of the industry-leading XHL block range and is charting new territory for the small pulley market.

Titan – A thing of very great strength” – Oxford dictionary definition.

Weighing in at only 28 grams makes the TiiTAN the lightest and strongest 30mm ball bearing pulley available on the market. This is an incredible 30% weight reduction when compared to the 30mm XHL block.

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How to service an Allen Cam Cleat

Cam cleats are a vital part of most control systems on both dinghies and yachts. Without them, you would have to hold onto the rope for hours or make the rope off around a horn cleat, not ideal if you want to quickly adjust something!

Cam cleats, like most parts on a boat, need regular maintenance. The most obvious sign as to when the cam cleat needs some TLC is when the cam jaws start to stick in the open position which in turn allows the rope to slowly slip through – defeating the object of having a cleat!

Servicing your Allen cam cleat is quick and easy, you just need a couple of tools, some replacement parts and 5 minutes of your time.

TOP TIP – Always wash the cam cleats on your boat with fresh water after sailing. This helps remove any salt, grit or sand from the internal mechanism. Ensuring your cam cleat will operate smoother for longer!

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How To Use Sailing Dog Bones

We know what you’re thinking “how can a dog bone be used on a sailboat? We’re not playing fetch!”. Well, the type of dog bone we’re talking about here is not something you would want to feed to your favourite four legged friend. No, the type of dog bone we are talking about is a […]

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Ratchet Blocks – Switchable Vs AutoRatchet

The ratchet block is arguably one of the most important pieces of hardware used on a sailboat, so choosing the correct size and type can make a big difference to how you sail your boat and what feedback the sails give you. In this article you will find out all about how the ratchet block works, the difference between a switchable and AutoRatchet as well as the different sheave options.   

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High Load Thimbles – Why, When, Where?

Also known as low friction rings these handy bits of hardware are used across many different areas of a sailboat. But they’re nothing new. In fact the high load thimble has been around for some time, just in slightly different forms. Originally made from wood and used on old style tall ships for adjusting running rigging and then more recently moulded in plastic to create light-weight, cheap alternatives. And now, CNC machined from high grade aluminium. But why, when and where should you use a high load thimble?

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