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The Allen pedigree is unquestionable, the company having been in the marine business since 1956.

Back then, the engineering Allen Brothers spotted the need for weight saving, affordable cam cleats on their first racing dinghy, and with the history of opportunity, invented, engineered and produced the first ever die cast ‘alloy’ cam cleats. They sold and bartered them amongst their friends, and it wasn’t long before they were approached by Jack Holt to supply his boat-building business with their innovative new products. So began the long and fruitful partnership they named Holt-Allen.

It wasn’t long before word of the lighter, more efficient fittings spread and they soon found there was a great demand for these products. Within a few years the Allen Brothers had increased their capacity to include their own design of injection moulding machines, metal press and punch machines and had increased their product range to include blocks, plastic cleats, sail-makers hardware, rigging gear and more.

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