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Aluminium Ball Bearing Cam Cleats have had over 60 years of meticulous R&D to perfect their design, the jaw profile is optimised for rope entry and exit which results in smooth cleating and un-cleating without chewing rope whilst doing so. The addition of ball bearings and double coil springs gives a super smooth cam action, allowing for a consistent feel every time the rope is cleated. The aluminium cam cleat is designed to be more durable and is capable of withstanding higher loads thanks to the strength of the die-cast aluminium jaws at the expense of being slightly heavier than the Allenite version. This makes the aluminium version perfect for applications which may have a fast running control line, such as a spinnaker halyard, mainsheet or jib sheet. Allenite Plain Bearing Cam Cleats feature the same jaw profile as the aluminium version but are moulded from a proprietary material developed by Allen specifically for low weight and good heat dissipation to increase wear resistance over standard acetals. The removal of ball bearings offers a further weight reduction and softer coil springs allow the rope to drop into the jaws with less load. The Allenite version offers a good weight saving over the aluminium version.

Titlefixing hole centres mmfixing hole diameter mmheight mmline size mmmaximum working load kgweight gPrice ex VAT
A..76Ball Bearing Cam Cleat - Medium385294 - 1015063£27.77
A..76-496Ball Bearing Cam Cleat With Mega Pro Lead - Medium385484 - 10150103£38.99
A..77Ball Bearing Cam Cleat - Small 284222 - 610029£25.76
A..77-497Ball Bearing Cam Cleat With Mega Pro Lead - Small 284392 - 610050£36.50
A.676Allenite Cam Cleat - Medium 385294 - 1013034£19.98
A.676-496Allenite Cam Cleat With Mega Pro Lead - Medium385484 - 1013074£31.47
A.677Allenite Cam Cleat - Small284222 - 68022£15.97
A.677-497Allenite Cam Cleat With Mega Pro Lead - Small284392 - 68045£27.01
A4077Stainless Steel Base Cam Cleat - Medium 385184 - 126034£14.42
A4334Fairlead With A.676 Cam Cleat-5-4 - 1013096£52.33
A4476Stainless Steel Base Cam Cleat - Small 264102 - 64016£19.88
A5848Laser Control Line Cleats With Base675562-6100141.9£69.58
A5861Laser Lower Vang Unit-5822-6-201.6£109.94