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Hatch Covers

Our Hatch Covers are made from a light weight polypropylene and are available in a variety of colours and easy to open designs. A.137 and A.237 are a non ‘O’ ring design and have exposed fixings. A.337, A.537 and A.637 all require a rubber ‘O’Ring to keep them watertight. A1737, A1837 and A1937 feature a fully threaded cover with integral seal.

Titlecolourcut out size mmfixing hole diameter mmo ring requiredopening sizeweight gPrice ex VAT
A-BAG-KITHatch Cover Bag With Fixing Screw-----17£13.64
A.137Non O Ring Hatch Cover Grey 1093-9942£6.16
A.137WNon O Ring Hatch Cover White1093-9942£6.16
A.237Non O Ring Hatch Cover Grey1593-144117£10.17
A.237WNon O Ring Hatch Cover White1593-144117£10.17
A.337O Ring Seal Hatch CoverGrey1103A.33810062£5.21
A.337-BAGO Ring Seal Hatch Cover With Hatch Bag Grey 1103A.33810062£18.23
A.337WO Ring Seal Hatch CoverWhite1103A.33810062£5.21
A.337W-BAGO Ring Seal Hatch Cover With Hatch Bag White1103A.33810062£18.23
A.338Rubber Sealing O Ring For A.337/A.337W-----4£2.71
A.537O Ring Seal Hatch CoverGrey 1573A.538145111£8.52
A.537-BAGO Ring Seal Hatch Cover With Hatch Bag Grey1573A.538145111£21.65
A.537WO Ring Seal Hatch CoverWhite1573A.538145111£8.52
A.537W-BAGO Ring Seal Hatch Cover With Hatch Bag White1573A.538145111£21.65
A.538Rubber Sealing O Ring For A.537/A.537W-----4£3.58
A.637O Ring Seal Hatch CoverGrey2413A.638223266£22.88
A.637WO Ring Seal Hatch CoverWhite2413A.638223266£22.88
A.638Rubber Sealing O Ring For A.637/A.637W-----1200£5.01
A1737Integral Seal Rigid Hatch CoverBlack1084-10084£8.72
A1737WIntegral Seal Rigid Hatch CoverWhite1084-10084£8.72
A1837Integral Seal Rigid Hatch CoverBlack1384-130117£13.37
A1837WIntegral Seal Rigid Hatch CoverWhite1384-130117£13.37
A1937Integral Seal Rigid Hatch CoverBlack 1544-148142£15.62
A1937WIntegral Seal Rigid Hatch CoverWhite1544-148142£15.62