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High quality nylon and 316 stainless steel thimbles for wire and rope  halyards and general rigging from 2mm to 18mm.

Titlea mmb mmc mmd mme mmf mmh mmj mml mmweight gPrice ex VAT
A.802Nylon Thimble For 2mm Rope127.£0.52
A.803Nylon Thimble For 3mm Rope1810.97.315.£0.52
A.804Nylon Thimble For 4mm Rope2414.59.817.£0.63
A.805Nylon Thimble For 5mm Rope3018.£0.63
A.806Nylon Thimble For 6mm Rope3621.814.626.£0.63
A.808Nylon Thimble For 8mm Rope4829.019.535.07.511.£0.73
A.810Nylon Thimble For 10mm Rope6036.324.443.89.414.410.05.61.96£0.82
A.812Nylon Thimble For 12mm Rope7243.529.352.511.317.311.26.82.318£0.87
A.814Nylon Thimble For 14mm Rope8450.834.161.313.£1.50
A.818Nylon Thimble For 18mm Rope10865.343.978.816.925.917.210.13.458£2.80
A6010Stainless Steel Thimble For 2mm Wire Or Rope-179---3-1.0269.3£0.38
A6011Stainless Steel Thimble For 3mm Wire Or Rope-1810---4-1.0269.3£0.45
A6012Stainless Steel Thimble For 4mm Wire Or Rope-2011---5-1.2269.3£0.73
A6013Stainless Steel Thimble For 5mm Wire Or Rope-2113---6-1.2269.3£0.77
A6014Stainless Steel Thimble For 6mm Wire Or Rope-2715---7-1.5269.3£1.05