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Mast & Boom Straps

Our range of stainless steel mast and boom straps are available in a variety of designs to suit wooden, carbon and aluminium spar's. 

Titlefixing hole size mmspar size mmstrap thickness mmweight gPrice ex VAT
A4002Kicking Strap Key5.58 mm pin / 13 mm knob1.515£5.68
A4016Boom Strap5381.515£4.65
A4032Gaff Band544 x 441.516£4.65
A4042Hound Fitting 550-801.522£10.47
A4116Boom Strap5321.516£4.71
A4142-6.5Mast Kicker Bracket550 - 801.522£7.09
A4142-HTHeavy Duty Mast Kicker Bracket550 - 80 --£8.61
A4203Mast Anchor Plate550 - 801.515£5.16
A4203RMast Anchor Plate550 - 801.516£5.16
A4216Boom Strap5Forms to any shape 1.515£4.71
A4413Kicking Strap Bracket550 - 801.538£8.24
A4416Bail Bracket5451.516£5.18
A4417Boom Strap 545229£10.14
A4599-SMast Bracket For Lowers560264.8£15.73
SA.312Kicking Strap Key5.5--18£3.08
SA.873Kicking Strap Key Curved5.5--0.5£4.98