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Pressed Shackles

A range of stainless pressed shackles.  Designed specifically for dinghies and sportsboats incorporating strength and practicality. All designed and produced in-house.

Titlea mmbreaking load kgd mml mmmaximum working load kgw mmweight gRRP
A1438Pressed Shackle1610006285001819£6.35
A4028Pressed Rigging Link Narrow9900516300-7£4.74
A4048Pressed Shackle138005243001410£4.00
A4128Pressed Rigging Link8700518300-7£3.19
A4138Pressed Rigging Link18800531300-14£4.68
A4148Pressed Shackle91000516500-7£5.34
A4228Large Pressed Rigging Link Narrow913005296001320£6.61
A4328Pressed Rigging Link Narrow131000521300149£3.12
A4348Pressed Shackle131000514300-4£5.34
A4428Pressed Shackle161000520300-7£5.89
A4528Pressed Rigging Link Narrow13900515300-7£3.76
A4728Pressed Rigging Link Narrow9250310200-3£3.22
A4828Bayonet Halyard Shackle13550525200-17£15.54