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Spare & Replacement Parts

Title for use withoutside diameter mmweight g Price ex. VAT
A5350 Centreboard Rubber Washer -19- £1.05
APBL PTFE Stanchion Base Liner YS47-20-- £3.74
ARBALL1/4D Delrin Balls Mainsheet Jammers 6.3514 £0.81
ARBALL1/4T Torlon Balls Low And Maxi Traveller Cars 6.3514 £1.16
ARBALL5T Torlon Balls Mini Traveller Cars 514 £1.12
SA..71 Aerovane Small A..71, A..71M. A..71R-- £8.26
SA..76 Servicing Kit For A..76 Cam Cleat A..76-- £10.50
SA..77 Servicing Kit For A..77 Cam Cleat A..77-- £9.50
SA.171 Aerovane Large A.171, A.171M-- £19.99
SA.676 Servicing Kit For A.676 Cam Cleat A.676-- £8.50
SA.677 Servicing Kit For A.677 Cam Cleat A.677-- £6.50
SA4274 PTFE Slider for A4274 Car A4274, A4354, A4474 -- £2.96
SA4374 Fairlead For Sliding Cars A4274 Range 74 x 2529 £4.75
SA4574 Plunger Pin And Spring For Sliding Fairleads A4274, A44745- £6.43