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20mm Plain Bearing Blocks

We are pleased to announce a new range of plain bearing blocks, using modern design, materials and state of the art manufacturing to ensure a more eco-friendly product, delivering enhanced performance. The new range will be made using 100% recycled plastics as well as using 20% less material than the previous version. Using the outer cheek and strap from the 20 and 30mm dynamic range allows us to manufacture the new range of plain bearing blocks more efficiently. This will help to reduce the long-term impact of plastics and un-recyclable materials on the environment. The new range of plain bearing blocks will also feature a grey sheave to differentiate them from the existing dynamic range, which has black sheaves. Plain bearing blocks offer great static loading capabilities at a low weight and cost. This makes them perfect for take-up systems or applications that don't require high dynamic performance.

Title breaking load kgfixing hole centres mmlength mmmaximum line diameter mmweight g Price ex. VAT
A2020P Plain Bearing Single 540-37610 £4.98
A2020P-4035 Plain Bearing Single With P-Clip 540-62.4613.9 £7.93
A2020P-4036 Plain Bearing Single With Lacing Eye 540-52613.9 £8.87
A2020PLZ Plain Bearing Stand Up Block 540-43614.3 £11.01
A2020PSC Plain Bearing Block With Swivel 350-53618 £16.73
A2020PSHK Plain Bearing Single With Swivel Hook 350-57.7617.9 £16.23
A2020PTi3 Plain Bearing Ti3-On 540-2967 £4.98
A2020PTII Plain Bearing Tii-On 540-2967 £4.98
A2021P Plain Bearing Multi-Function Single 350-35610.4 £6.06
A2021PHK Plain Bearing Single Block With Hook 165-65.5616.4 £10.16
A2022P Plain Bearing Double Block 500-47.6629.4 £16.78
A2023P Plain Bearing Double Block With Becket 500-25631.2 £17.68
A2024P Plain Bearing Triple Block 650-50.1644.6 £24.36
A2025P Plain Bearing Triple Block With Becket 650-66649.6 £26.96
A2026P Plain Bearing Cheek Block 350-45614.2 £9.84
A2121P Plain Bearing Through Deck Single 4004254610.8 £14.19
A2122P Plain Bearing Double Through Deck Block 3506375620 £19.38