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30mm Plain Bearing Blocks

Allen 30mm plain bearing blocks offer good static loading capabilities at a low weight and cost. The ideal choice for systems which are not fast running or need constant adjustment. Made using recycled materials and featuring a grey sheave to differentiate it from the dynamic block range.

Plain Bearing – Recycled plastic sheave which spins around a stainless steel axle.

Ultra-Strap – A stainless steel strap which holds the block together and provides a strong, reliable and rope friendly attachment point.

Becket – The hole through the middle of the block can be used as a tying off point (becket).

Breaking Load – The load at which a major block failure is likely to occur. 


Block Configuration

  • Ultra-Strap
  • Stand Up
  • Swivel
  • Becket
  • Cheek
  • Fork
  • Through Deck

Sheave Type

  • Single
  • Double
  • Triple
  • Clear All
SKU Title breaking load kgfixing hole centres mmlength mmmaximum line diameter mm Weight g Price
A2030P Plain Bearing Single 750-498 23 £11.78
A2030PF Plain Bearing Single With Fork Head And Removable Pin 600-568 28 £17.12
A2030PF-873 Plain Bearing Single With Fork Head And Vang Key 600-778 37 £24.20
A2030PLZ Plain Bearing Stand Up Single 500-598 27.2 £17.86
A2030PSC Plain Bearing Single With Swivel 600-66.38 33 £29.60
A2030PSHK Plain Bearing Single With Swivel Hook 450-70.48 32 £29.00
A2031P Plain Bearing Multi-Function Single 750-46.68 25 £10.61
A2032P Plain Bearing Double 1250-648 66 £32.28
A2033P Plain Bearing Double With Becket 1250-768 71 £34.10
A2034P Plain Bearing Triple 1750-62.68 94 £42.22
A2035P Plain Bearing Triple With Becket 1750-82.58 105 £49.36
A2036P Plain Bearing Cheek Block 500-58.78 32 £16.96
A2131P Plain Bearing Single Through Deck Block 50060478 25.6 £27.83
A2132P Plain Bearing Double Through Deck Block 500901048 45 £39.86