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50mm Dynamic Blocks

Allen50mm Dynamic Blocks utilise our patented Dynamic bearing technology, the high quality stainless steel ball bearings running on stainless steel rails provides unsurpassed performance under load. The large central hole for tie-on becket requirements gives this block range a distinctive style and significant weight reduction and is available with a variety of accessories. Suitable for numerous demanding applications on boats, including Catamarans and Keelboats,the multi blocks provides great free running performance under load. Single variations feature a swivel lock, located at the head of the block. The variations with two or more sheaves have a similar feature but utilise a removable plastic moulding.

Title breaking load kglength mmmaximum line diameter mmmaximum working load kgshackle pin mmweight g Price ex. VAT
A2050 50mm Single 9009510300473 £27.02
A2050C Single Cheek Block 9009510300-80 £31.25
A2050Tii Single Tii-On 9007210450-61 £27.02
A2052 50mm Double 950100104504148 £57.48
A2053 Double With Becket 950136104504160 £68.51
A2054 50mm Triple 950100104704190 £84.50
A2054HK Triple Block w/Hook 950140104704227 £101.37
A2055 Triple With Becket 950136104704223 £107.56
A2056 50mm Quad 950100104705269 £106.93
A2057 Quad With Becket 950136104705274 £117.97
A2059 50mm Quint Block 950100104705323 £133.95
A2156 Cheek Adaptor For 50mm Block. -95---- £4.23