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Flip Flop Blocks

Flip flop blocks are designed to pivot around a central fixing point, this keeps the rope close to the deck, mast or boom whilst still allowing the block to articulate to the correct lead angle, ensuring friction stays as low as possible whilst still guiding the rope to where it needs to go.

We offer a range of 20, 30 and 40mm sheave sizes and with or without cam cleats.

Breaking Load - The load at which a major failure is likely to occur.

Working Load - Based on the maximum working load of the cam cleat.

SKU Title breaking load kgfixing hole centres mmfixing hole diameter mmmaximum line diameter mmmaximum working load kgsheave diameter mm Weight g Price
A2123 20mm Flip Flop Block 350164510520 19 £46.31
A2123-677 20mm Flip Flop Block With A.677 Cam Cleat 35016458020 78 £68.38
A2123-77 20mm Flip Flop Block With A..77 Cam Cleat 350164510020 86 £92.60
A2133 30mm Flip Flop Block 700205814030 53 £48.97
A2133-677 30mm Flip Flop Block With A.677 Cleat 75020588030 119 £69.06
A2133-77 30mm Flip Flop Block With A..77 Cleat 750205810030 128 £93.30
A2143 40mm Flip Flop Block -60.351015040 77 £59.23
A2143-676 40mm Flip Flop Block with Allenite Cam Cleat 80060.351013040 210 £84.64
A2143-76 40mm Flip Flop Block With Cam Cleat 80060.351015040 255 £104.30
A4988X Lightweight Flip Flop Cleat With Removable Sheave 17085.55610030 108 £59.51