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High Roller Blocks 40 & 60mm

High performance blocks designed for high stakes sailing.

Lightweight aluminium side cheeks encapsulate an aluminium sheave, which free spins on roller bearings and side load ball bearings.

Easily unassembled and serviced to give longer lasting high performance.

Ideal for fast running and highly loaded lines on big boats. Applications such as: mainsheets, runners, halyards, spinnaker systems, jib sheets and control lines.  

Roller Bearings - Roller/ needle bearings and side load ball bearings.

Maximum Working Load – If exceeded the block may not perform as designed. 

Breaking Load – The load at which a major block failure is likely to occur. 

SKU Title breaking load kglength mmmaximum line diameter mmmaximum working load kgsheave diameter mm Weight g Price
A9040- Single Tii-On High Roller 2000551080040 47 £303.47
A9060- Single Tii-On High Roller 40008313200060 132 £333.73
SA9040 Servicing Kit For A9040 ----- - £134.83
SA9060 Servicing Kit For A9060 ----- - £165.22