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Cam Cleat Accessories

A range of accessories that suit both versions of our cam cleats. To know which accessory is needed the intended use needs to be clarified. It's also handy to know the difference between the leading and exit side of the cam cleat. The cams open towards the exit side.

Title fixing hole centres mmuse withweight g Price ex. VAT
A.193 Cleat Lifter 15mm High 28A.677/A..7711 £1.17
A.194 Cleat Lifter 8mm 28A.677 / A..776 £0.93
A.293 Cleat Lifter 22mm High 38A.676/A..7621 £1.70
A.294 Cleat Lifter 10mm High 38A.676/A..7613 £1.17
A.396 Pro-Lead Medium 38A.676/A..7635 £5.33
A.397 Pro-Lead Small 28A.677/A..7735 £4.43
A.488 Fairlead Small 28A.677/A..772 £4.18
A.493-993 Wedge Kit 28A.677/A..777 £2.26
A.496 Mega Pro-Lead Medium 38A.676/A..7640 £12.44
A.497 Mega Pro-Lead Small 28A.677/A..7740 £11.84
A.588 Fairlead Medium 38A.676/A..765 £4.25
A.593-893 Wedge Kit 38A.676/A..7612 £2.30
A.597 Roller Fairlead 38A..7697 £73.76
A.793 Cam Cleat Wedge 26A44763 £0.70
A.893 Cam Cleat Wedge 38A.676 / A..764 £1.12
A.993 Cam Cleat Wedge 28A.677 / A..77291 £0.87
A1396 Pro-Lead Wedge 38A.676/A..7695 £0.87
A1397 Pro-Lead Wedge 28A.677/A..7795 £1.12
A4665 Stainless Steel Wire Under Fairlead Small -A.677/A..776 £2.85
A4665-LOW Stainless Steel Wire Under Fairlead Small And Low -A.677/A..77- £2.85
A4675 Stainless Steel Wire Under Fairlead Medium -A.676/A..7612 £4.60
A4761 Through Deck Fairlead Medium 38A.676/A..7649 £11.89
A4771 Through Deck Fairlead Small 28A.677/A..7722 £7.93