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Rudder Retaining Equipment

Our range of acetal and stainless steel rudder retaining equipment holds the rudder in place. Available in a variety of sizes. 

Title fixing hole diameter mmoverall width mmweight g Price ex. VAT
A..21 Acetal Reatining Clip 4532.5 £0.78
A..21SS Stainless Steel Retaining Clip 4535 £7.28
A.221 Optimist Rudder Retaining Clip 4512.5 £1.50
A1785 Laser Tiller Retaining Pin -33.7 £1.06
A1923 Stainless Steel Retaining Clip With Endcap 4512.5 £7.30
A4121 Stainless Steel Retaining Clip 5789 £2.91
A4229-6 Rudder Stock Wing Nut 65721 £7.26
A4229-8 Rudder Stock Wing Nut 85720 £8.01
A5229 Wing Nut & Bolt Retainer Plastic 86519 £5.67