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Rudder Stocks And Tillers

Allen Rudder Stocks have been developed from years of high performance rudder stock designs. The design is based on innovative interlocking precision-machined components, and does away with the chunky pintle and gudgeon brackets that are typically found on pressed aluminium stocks. Instead they are integrated into the main section to give you a clean, cutting-edge look, but it also delivers a 25% weight reduction in comparison to the traditional design. The final assembly is very stiff and robust, making the tiller far more responsive.

Title between pintle mmblade thickness mmtiller angle degreestiller diameter mmtiller length mm weight g Price ex. VAT
A1618 ILCA Gorilla Tiller ---31.5-- £77.34
A1619 Gorilla Tiller With Aluminium Tiller Extension - --31.5990- £122.01
A7000 Rudder Stock 175257--744 £208.34
A7002-1.0 1000mm Tiller For Use With A7000 ---31.8-- £35.35
A7002-1.1 1100mm Tiler For Use With A7000 ---31.8-- £36.53
A7002-1.2 1200mm Tiler For Use With A7000 ---31.8-- £37.68
A7002-1.3 1300mm Tiller For Use With A7000 ---31.8-- £38.84
A7420 420 Rudder Stock 24419-31.8-- £240.11
A7420L 420 Rudder Stock For N1 Blade 223199031.8884.7- £240.11
A7420P 420 Rudder Stock To Suit Persson 246199031.8884.7- £278.92
A7470 470 Rudder Stock 22622-31.8369- £464.01
FINN-TILLER- Finn Tiller --172381444- £98.77