Product Feature – Roller Fairlead

Sometimes mainsheet jammers, as handy as they are, can offer a bit too much friction. Especially in boats where the mainsheet is played excessively or “pumped”. So, how can you reduce the friction in your mainsheet system, but still keep the mainsheet jammer?  

The undesired friction is caused by the mega pro-lead (the fairlead mounted around the cam cleat) which comes as standard on all Allen mainsheet jammers. The mega pro-lead is designed to guide the rope into the cam cleat from any angle but by achieving this it adds friction into the system as the rope rubs against the non-moving part – the mega pro-lead.

The mega pro-lead also ensures the cam cleat is pointing in the right direction, which is why you cannot simply remove the mega pro-lead. With out a mega pro-lead installed you would soon fine the cam cleat will hang down to leeward of the mainsheet, making it impossible to cleat when sat on the side of the boat. So, this is where the A.597 roller fairlead comes in. 


The roller fairlead is designed with rolling sides that are perfectly shaped to guide rope into the mouth of the cam cleat. The roller fairlead also includes a top roller (sheave) so any upwards directional trimming of the mainsheet is not effected by the friction of a normal fairlead. This design allows the user to trim the mainsheet from any angle and with reduced friction when compared to a standard mainsheet system. Ideal for for keelboat sailors who may be trimming the mainsheet whilst stood in the middle of the cockpit. Because the A.597 roller fairlead helps reduce the friction in the system it’s also a great choice for dinghy sailors who sail classes of boat that run a spilt tale mainsheet or have class legal pumping.

The roller fairlead is a cam cleat accessory which will fit any cam cleat with a 38mm fixing hole centre. The assembly also comes with extra-long threaded bolts to allow for customisation with cam cleat lifters and wedges. The bolts can then be cut to the desired length to suit your needs.

You can find out more about the Allen range of cam cleats and matching accessories in the news article – Choosing The Correct Cam Cleat – you can also learn how to assemble to A.597 roller fairlead in the following video.