Phantom National Championships – Phifty Phantastic Years.

Phantom Nationals Start Line

Celebrating their fiftieth birthday at Stone Sailing Club on the Blackwater Estuary in Essex on 17th to 19th September was always likely to attract a good entry and the Class Association was delighted with the final entry of 76 boats.

Competitors had started to congregate at the club on Thursday and many must have wondered whether the Indian Summer forecast was going to prove a mixed blessing as they looked across a mirror flat Blackwater Estuary.  

The forecast did look like light winds would predominate with a distinct swing in the direction being predicted over the three days.  The usual conversations also took place over fancied runners and riders with past multiple Champion Andy Couch known to have a significant diary clash due to his brothers wedding on the Sunday.  Not wanting to miss the event Andy did attend but could only race on Friday and Saturday.  The planned programme of races with two on Friday, possibly four of Saturday and two on Sunday meant that with two discards competitors could attend over the two days and complete a series.


Pro-Sailing Glove

Allen Pro-sailing glove

Introducing our new Pro-Sailing Glove.

A professional half finger sailing glove with reinforced Amara on Palm and fingers to protect your hands when pulling rope.

Made from a high quality 4-way stretch breathable fabric.

Double stitched for longevity.

Neoprene cuffs give a super comfortable fit.

Velcro strap for a secure fit.

Allen 29er GP1

29er GP2

Venue: Weymouth.

Date: 18th and 19th September. 

Saturday dawned with light winds, fog, and a dying forecast. 46 boats arrived as the fog cleared and headed out into Portland harbour for an expected 4 races.

Fast out of the blocks off the pin end were Annabelle Vines and Raulf Berry (3079) who lead at every mark to complete the win. Close behind were Ollie Peters and Ben Bradley (3080) in 2nd and Freddy Westwell and Freddy Lonsdale (2903). Race 2 was quickly underway with even trickier conditions and wind dying on the right hand side of the beat. Up the first beat left paid with more pressure at the top of the course. Annabelle and Raulf (3079) led round again getting their second bullet of the day. Races 3 and 4 were sailed in dying breeze (5-7 knots) with race winners James Crossley in race 3 and Noah Fitzgerald (2206) and Leo Wilkinson and Sam Jones (2966) crossing the shortened course finish line at the windward mark in race 4.

Once ashore the first day of GP1 was completed with the first 29er GP social in 18months, with a great Lasagne supper and a brilliant speaker Q&A by Saskia Tidey, Olympic 49er legend.

Sunday had a more promising forecast which delivered with winds up to 15knots by the end of the day. Racing was set off quickly and efficiently by PRO Ian Bullock. The winner of race 5 with a good lead was Finn Morris and Oscar Morgan-Harris (2849). Pressure building at the top of the course meant it paid to use the edges of the course and the top 5 boats where always early onto the lay lines. Race 6 was similar conditions, Ella Lightbody and Felicity Brellisford (2493) leading around the first windward mark but eventually on the last downwind leg overtaken by race and regatta winners Ben Mueller and Sam Webb (12). The last 2 races, the pressure increased, both physically and mentally. The wind filled in and at last there was some more consistent trapezing for the crews. Santi Sesto-Cosby and George May (2816) took the win in race 7, and Kate Robertson and Robin Stein (376) closed out the regatta with a bullet.

Overall, it was a great regatta with 7 different race winners and plenty of sunshine!

1st Ben Mueller and Sam Webb

2nd Freddy Westwell and Freddy Lonsdale

3rd Annabelle Vines and Raulf Berry

1st Girls Ella Lightbody and Felicity Brellisford

1st Mixed Annabelle Vines and Raulf Berry

Thank you Saskia Tidey for presenting the prizes and Allen Sailing for sponsoring the event and Digital Sailing for the on the water Photos.

By Annabelle Vines.

Photographer Credit – Digital Sailing 


Tera Race Ready Packs

Tera Race Pack

Tired of scruffy looking knots and frayed rope ends? Well, we are pleased to announce our new race ready Tera packs. 

Utilising British made Marlow rope and our range of performance blocks to deliver an easy to install and use race kit. The race packs have been developed using our Team Allen sailors experience in the boat and finessed by our engineering know how. 

Vang Race Pack

Fully spliced to the perfect lengths to allow maximum travel for the blocks with a 6:1 purchase. Our race vang also includes a high load thimble set into the system to allow for a better lead for the outhaul control line. 

Pack includes

Primary Line – 3mm Marlow dyneema.

Secondary line – 4mm Marlow excel control. 

2 x A2020Ti3 – 20mm dynamic ti3-on blocks spliced into the system to allow for maximum travel. 

1 x A2044-677HK – 40mm dynamic block with becket, hook and adjustable cleat.  

1 x Soft shackle with dog bone and high load thimble. 

2 x Handles to make pulling the control line easier. 


Allen Sponsored National 12 Burton Week

National 12 Burton Week Competitors

27th – 30th August 2021 at Shoreham Sailing Club

Postponed from 2020, the National 12 National Championship, known as Burton Week was much anticipated. With no Burton Cup sailed in 2019 (no wind) or 2020 (no event) and new helm/crew combinations for 2021, there was a lot to look forward too.

Competitors began arriving on the afternoon of Thursday 26th and were greeted by Sophie Mackley, well known in the N12 fleet but for this event, chief organiser, and commodore of Shoreham Sailing Club. With each N12 allotted a slot in the dinghy park, boat measurement / weighing taking place in the club’s store and tents popping up where there was space, one thing was clear – the N12s were definitely taking over the club for the long weekend! As more sailors arrived, the club’s bar opened up and the competitors all enjoyed catching up.

National 12 Launching

Product Feature – V Cleats

plastic v cleats

Simple and cost effective. The V Cleat is one of the original methods for cleating rope and to this day is still the favoured option for many applications. 

Injection moulded from Nylon 6 to give a strong and UV stable product to ensure it can endure a long life outside in harsh weather. 

V Cleats are the perfect choice for low to medium loaded applications where a quick and easy adjustment or release of rope is required. V cleats are commonly used to cleat tensioning systems for awnings, flag poles and simple boat control systems. 

Available in 3 sizes and suitable for rope diameters from 2mm to 12mm.  




fixing hole centres mm

fixing hole diameter mm

height mm

length mm

max rope

diameter mm

weight g



Nylon V Cleat









Nylon V Cleat









Nylon V Cleat







3 sizes of v cleat

Tii-on products are the future

Tii-on products are quickly becoming the go to choice for many hardware fittings. So, in this short article we will list a few of our favourite products, as well as explain when and why Tii-on’s should be used. 

In this article

What is a Tii-on? 

Tii-on is our brand name for products which require a soft attachment fitting (soft shackle/ rope shackle) or must be spliced or tied onto rope to be used correctly. 


Allen Sponsored UK Cherub Nationals

Cherub start line

Between the 6th and 9th of July the UK Cherub class travelled to WPNSA for its 70th anniversary nationals supported by Rooster, suppliers of high performance technical clothing for sailing, and Allen, suppliers of performance sailing hardware.

12 boats made the trip ready for some close racing and find out which team would be fastest in 2021.

Day 1 – Tuesday 6th July

Blowing dogs off chains.

The scheduled first day was a bit of a blow out, the forecast was for a lot of wind and the reality was white horses within the marina and gusts of up to 35kts. Not many wanted to go out racing. After checking the boats were properly tied down in the dinghy park, the sailors left WPNSA for some sightseeing. (more…)

Product Feature – Backstay Blocks

back stay block on j70

30mm dynamic blocks are one of the most versatile products in our range and so they are great for use in many different systems. Most recently we have started manufacturing the single version onto a stainless-steel ring for sportsboat backstay systems. 

The configuration of two or three single blocks assembled around a ring gives a refined and streamlined product with maximum strength. The ring also allows the blocks to move freely and as such they can each align to the correct lead angle for the rope without any impediment. The breaking load for both the A2030R2 and A2030R3 is set by the single blocks, this is 750Kg, which is more than strong enough for most triangle backstay arrangements on sportsboats.30mm blocks on ring


Allen Contender Open at Hythe and Saltwood

Contender Sailing

Despite a dodgy forecast, including thunderstorms & not much breeze, 12 visitors joined the 4 local Contenders on the Kent coast, back at Hythe & Saltwood SC for the first time in a few years.

After a bit of conditions familiarisation time, the fun of judging start stuff v tide began (well was springs to be fair), and Rob Smith managed to nail the timing to allow early port tack along the shore, and then the best guess hitch out to sea. Lap1 good judgement, but even a bit of safety over standing thereafter allowed Stuart Jones to make some gains from port approach into the tide. In the end Rob held the lead throughout but little finishing margin from Stuart, with Ed Presley & Gary Langdown following up.