Allen sponsored Contender open at Castle Cove Sailing Club

Allen sponsored Contender open at Castle Cove Sailing Club

What % chance would you give the confluence of all the right factors coming together to make an epic open meeting, in this strangest of seasons?

A great venue, manageable restrictions, perfect wind, sun, and the hope of a beer on the terrace? Low odds, especially the wind bit, as so far this year every weekend has been all or nothing. So it was for the 2nd Allen headlined Contender TT of the year at Castle Cove. Forecasts predicted light breeze, but such is the clamour for competitive racing that 28 boats made a considerable investment in nothing but hope; One even came from Scotland to add to the finger crossing.

Early morning arrivals noted the no wind, mirror like finish to Portland harbour, but were compensated by the hospitality of Castle Cove welcoming party of volunteers. As racing closed in, the beginnings of a sea breeze looked possible in the glorious sunshine. The RO backed that up with staunch confidence in a good day’s racing that proved to be bang on.

By the time of the first starting signal, a happy 12 -14 Knot breeze had kicked in from the south but it’s desire to track to the right made start and beat strategies very simple; Close to the boat, go right in Garda like conditions.


Through Deck Block Range Expands 

We are pleased to announce that our range of 20mm & 30mm through deck blocks is expanding to include stainless steel sheaves and recycled acetal sheaves. 

Our through deck blocks offer frictionless guidance for rope and wire control lines which are required to pass through a deck. Featuring a hard-wearing acetal body, shaped perfectly to house the sheave, which results in a performance that you can rely on for adjustable rigging and other highly loaded applications. Available with one or two sheaves and in plain and ball bearing systems to suit a wide variety of applications.

SKU Title breaking load kg maximum line diameter mm sheave size mm
A2121 Dynamic Through Deck Single 350 6 20
A2121HL Steel Sheave Through Deck Single 400 6 20
A2121P Acetal Through Deck Single 400 6 20
A2122 Dynamic Through Deck Double 350 6 20
A2122HL Steel Sheave Through Deck Double 350 6 20
A2122P Acetal Through Deck Double 350 6 20
A2131 Dynamic Through Deck Single 500 8 30
A2131HL Steel Sheave Through Deck Single 500 8 30
A2131P Acetal Through Deck Single 500 8 30
A2132 Dynamic Through Deck Double 500 8 30
A2132P Acetal Through Deck Double 500 8 30


Allen to sponsor RS100, RS300 and RS600 National Championships at Brixham YC

RS600 Sailing in Weymouth Harbour

We are delighted to announce our support of the RS100, RS300 and RS600 National Championships, by providing prize vouchers for the top three boats in each fleet.

The Championship will take place at Brixham YC from 9th-12th Sept 2021. Online entry opened on Saturday and 53 of the 66 places were taken in 24hours, with a waiting list building for the RS100 class.

At Allen we manufacture many of the standard and custom fittings found across the RS ranges; all of which are designed and manufactured from our factory in Essex then exported around the World.


New Product Announcement – Flanged Aluminium Deck Bush

New for 2021 flanged deck bush

We are pleased to announce a new range of flanged aluminium deck bushes is now available.

The new range of flanged aluminium deck bushes is a result of feedback from the marine industry and sailors looking for an alternative installation method to our ever-growing range of screw and push in aluminium deck bushes.

Allen flanged aluminium deck bushes feature a wider surface area with two fixing holes, allowing for a simple installation which only requires two screws and no messy bonding agent or silicone.

Four sizes are now available, all of which match the pre-existing range of nylon flanged deck bushes. Making replacement of an old worn-out plastic deck bush with a new aluminium version easy and seamless.

The new range is milled in-house at the Allen factory in Essex from marine grade 6082 aluminium and anodised in a variety of six colours to allow for a personalised touch or to colour code control lines.

View the range by clicking here or the SKU below. 

SKU Title Fixing Hole Centres mm Fixing Hole Depth mm Fixing Hole Diameter mm Inside Diameter mm Outside Diameter mm Weight g RRP ex VAT
A8039-BLK  Flanged Deck Bush 29 9 4 9 19 9  £14.00
A8239-BLK  Flanged Deck Bush 32 9 4 13 21 10  £15.53
A8339-BLK  Flanged Deck Bush 36 9 4 15 24 12  £15.53
A8139-BLK  Flanged Deck Bush 44 9 4 23 33 16  £18.66


What is a deck bush? A deck bush, also known as a fairlead, is designed to protect a surface from a rubbing rope or wire, they can also be used to act as a deflecting point. In most applications, a deck bush is used to guide a rope through a surface, such as the thwart or strut of a boat. It also offers protection to the material the rope or wire is passing through. 


For more information please contact the Allen sales team – – +44(0) 1621 774689 

Product Feature – Keelboat Fairlead

Allen Keelboat Fairleads have been designed for use on boats up to 40ft/12m where a shallow angle deflection is required for any control line or sheet.

Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit a variety of applications.

Manufactured from high marine grade 7075 aluminium for extra strength and corrosion resistance. Hard anodised in black with a pad printed Allen logo.

Installation of the keelboat fairlead range is simple and can be done by following these steps.

1. Check the fixing hole centre dimensions and mark them onto the deck of your boat in the position you want the fairlead to be mounted.

2. Using the correct size drill bit for your fairlead (details of fixing holes sizes in product drawings) drill the required 2 or 3 fixing holes into your deck. Slightly bevel the holes to allow sealant to form a good sealing ring.

3. Using marine grade sealant, apply a generous circle around the bottom of the fairlead and in the fixing holes.

4. Insert the bolts (not included) into the holes from below the deck. It is recommended to use washers to help spread the load.

5. Using the correct tool, tighten the bolts.

Tips – Use tape to hold bolts in place under the deck. Use hex head bolts made from 316 stainless steel. Use large washers to help spread the load.

Product Feature – Roller Fairlead

Sometimes mainsheet jammers, as handy as they are, can offer a bit too much friction. Especially in boats where the mainsheet is played excessively or “pumped”. So, how can you reduce the friction in your mainsheet system, but still keep the mainsheet jammer?  


Big Blue Ocean Clean Up

big blue ocean clean up logo

As much as us sailors love the water, we have to admit we aren’t perfect. With the occasional water bottle or banana skin going adrift after a capsize or when we are in max send mode on our sports boats! 

That why we are continuing our support of Big Blue Ocean Cleanup, a non-profit organization which runs coastal clean-ups all over the world and supports thousands of ocean activists with the equipment needed to keep the places we love clean.

To find out more about this awesome company or to find out how you too can help keep our shores and oceans clean, visit –

Sail Slides & Slugs – How to choose correctly.

Yacht mast with sail and sail slides

Sail slides and slugs may not be the most exciting piece of equipment found on a sailboat. However, they are a very useful bit of kit and can make your life on board a vessel much easier. Sail slugs and slides are most commonly found on the luff or foot of a sail, yet they are also a popular choice for catamaran trampoline attachment points.

Why use a sail slide or slug?

So, you may be wondering why you would even bother with a sail slide or slug, especially when your mainsail has a perfectly good bolt rope. Well, there are a few reasons. Firstly, the slides and slugs offer a reduction of friction over a sail boltrope, this is because there is less material being inserted inside the mast track. This reduction in friction can make hoisting and lowering a sail much easier. Secondly, with a track stop installed the sail slides cannot exit the mast meaning it is possible to lower a sail single-handed and not have the sail fly away in the wind, it will also fold itself over the boom as it’s lowered. 


Product Feature – Pad-Tii

Soft attachment pad-Tii with XHL block

The Pad-Tii range was launched in 2019 following feedback from the marine industry for the need for soft attachment deck fittings. 

Pad-Tii’s are a great choice if you are looking to add an attachment point to a surface. They offer minimal protrusion yet are easy to thread rope around and give a strong, solid fixing point for any fitting. (more…)

Team Allen – Billy Vennis-Ozanne Update

Billy Vennis-Ozanne sailing his rocket international moth

What a year 2020 has been.

It started at the RYA Dinghy Show for which I had to prepare my new International Moth – an Aardvark Rocket – to be displayed on the Zest Boatworks stand, completely bare, to highlight the fantastic paint job they did. Once the show had finished it was a quick pack down to get the boat back to the shed and fully fitted out with its new Allen hardware. Some of the hardware includes the anodised XHL blocks and through deck bushes, which I feel really make the paintwork pop, and adds another layer of personalisation that i really relish. I take a lot of pride in how my boats look, a good looking boat is a fast boat!

Once she was ready and rigged in the workshop, well, we all know what happened, so she was parked in my front garden for a while teasing me to go sailing.

Being released onto the water after such a wait made it all worth it. I managed 2 weeks of training prior to the UK Moth Nationals, which as a class we were very fortunate to be able to run. What a week!! Finished on a little high by leading to the top mark in the last race. An awesome 3 weeks of intense racing and training with some top guys and girls. 

Billy VO and Jack Lewis - Feva Days

I’ve been actively looking for a new team-mate in the 49er after going sperate ways from Nick, with whom I had a successful 4-year sailing partnership. Fortunately, while talking to fellow Team Allen sailor, Dan Budden, it came to light that Jack Lewis was looking to start 49er sailing. Jack and I have sailed together in the past, right at the beginning of my journey with Allen – Back when the maybe unknown custom ‘Alien’ stickers donned our RSFeva in 2013 for a couple of events.

Fast forward a month, a couple of sails and a new old team was formed. We’ve been extremely fortunate to be able to sail over winter getting in as many hours as possible, We look forward to the summer events once we are all allowed to travel a bit more. – Billy Vennis-Ozanne