Team Allen

Team Allen is the name we give to the sponsored sailors who help us develop innovative, high quality products. As well as carrying the Allen brand in international competition, our sponsored sailors use our products hard, testing them far more in a season than most sailors would in a lifetime. As a result, Allen products are stronger, lighter and better quality. The work of Team Allen translates into better sailing for you.

Team Allen 2019 comprises:

Aaron Evans

Allen Academy Optimist Award

Barbara Cornudella & Sara Lopez

Ben Hutton-Penman

Charlotte Dobson

Chris Rashley

Chris Taylor

Dylan Fletcher and Stu Bithell

Diego Botin & Iago L.Marra

George Hand

Jake Cookson

James Peters and Fynn Sterrit

James Taylor and Martin Wrigley

Jamie Harris

Megan Pascoe

Nick Robins & Billy Vennis Ozanne

Thomas Gillard

Technical Information and Tuning Guides