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Skiff Jib Cleat


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Ball Bearing Swivel With Angled Base

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Ball Bearing Swivel With Angled Base

1 review for Skiff Jib Cleat

  1. charlottedobson

    This is the perfect cleat for our jib system. The ball bearing allows the sheaves to spin whilst under load whilst reducing the load to allow for quick and easy jib trim when it is windy. The full rotation of the fitting allows the crews to cleat the jib in front of the shroud during the pre-start manoeuvring and acceleration.

Skiff Jib Cleat

Descriptioncam cleat fixing hole centres mmfixing hole diameter mmheight mmline size mmweight gRRP
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A4466StraightStraight With Medium Allenite ...A.6763 x 275624 - 10137£49.33
A4566Angled With Medium Ball Bearin...A..763 x 275724 - 10168£63.96
A4566StraightStraight With Medium Ball Bear...A..763 x 275624 - 10168£63.96
A4766Angled With Small Allenite Cle...A.6773 x 275572 - 6100£46.42
A4766StraightStraight With Small Allenite C...A.6773 x 275472 - 6100£46.42
A4866Angled With Small Ball Bearing...A..773 x 275572 - 6114£61.74
A4866XBall Bearing Swivel With Angle...A..773 x 275822 - 6141£90.29
A4866XBFlat Ball Bearing Base With Sh...A..773 x 275572 - 6120£90.74
A4866XB-AngledAngled Ball Bearing Base With ...A..773 x 275922 - 6141£90.74
A4867360 Swivel Cleat With Optional...A.67720pcd5522 - 677£40.94
A4876Through Deck Control Line Lead...A..774 x 295634 - 6120£88.48
A4978-77Flip Flop Block With CleatA..7718 offset5734 - 687£70.33
A4988180 Deg. Swivel CleatA..7785595.24 - 10108£43.20
A4988X180 Swivel Cleat With Removabl...A..7785595.24 - 10 108£44.83