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Racing Junior Mk1 With Roller


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SKU: C230


Racing Junior Mk1 With Roller. The bottom roller of the Clamcleat® C230 allows ropes to enter the cleat from below. Ideal for bringing a rope through a surface such as through-deck and through-mast applications. Can also be rigged on a rope for 1:1 or 2:1 advantage. Available in a silver stove enamel finish for a cost effective, high quality coating.


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Racing Junior Mk1 With Roller

Titlefixing hole centres mmheight mmlength mmrope diameter mmweight gwidth mmPrice ex VAT
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C230Racing Junior Mk1 With Roller6623823 - 63518£8.91
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C270ARacing Micros With Becket2419441 - 41413£5.33
CL211M1XRacing Junior Silver Mk 1 6623823-63418£6.61
CL211M2Racing Junior Mk 2 2720553 - 62316£5.92
CL211MK2S2Racing Junior With Becket Mk 22720553 - 62316£6.53
CL217M1-Starboard Side Entry Clamcleat 6623823 - 63218£7.37
CL218M1XPort Side Entry Clamcleat6623823 - 63218£7.37
CL218M2Port Side Entry Mk 26623823 - 63218£6.63
CL222Racing Mini3621483 - 61615£5.13
CL236Roller Fairlead Mk1 Racing Junior Anodised 7235904 - 84618£8.89
CL253Trapeze & Vang Clamcleat7235904 - 84618£11.98
CL268Racing Micros2416441 - 41313£5.33