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Transom Plates, Pintles & Gudgeons

Our range of Transom Pintles and Gudgeons are made from a variety of stainless steel, aluminium and nylon. Designed for fixing to the transom to hold your rudder in place. 

Titlefixing hole diameter mmhole or pin diameter mmoverall width mmpin length mmtransom to pin centre mmweight gRRP
A.420Transom Gudgeon58131-3942£3.88
A.519Transom Pintle57.870451989£18.60
A.519-10Transom Pintle51070571695£19.04
A.520Transom Gudgeon5870-1928£8.27
A.520-10Transom Gudgeon 51070-1627£8.27
A.619Pintle Packing Spacer--71--6£4.00
A4019Transom Pintle47.880571867£10.15
A4019STransom Pintle47.8765717112£33.20
A4020Transom Gudgeon5870-1822£5.64
A4020STransom Gudgeon5876-1741£15.47
A4120Transom Gudgeon5876-1817£5.68
A4317Transom Pintle47.832371840£25.45
A4420Optimist Transom Gudgeon46.344--24£14.58
A7001One Piece Pintle & Gudeon For A700057.5969-18100£111.32