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40mm Dynamic Blocks

Allen 40mm Dynamic Blocks are built using a light weight composite cheek with a rope friendly, light weight stainless steel anchor strap and patented Allen Dynamic bearing system. The range features a large central hole, which provides great options for tie-on beckets and is available with a variety of accessories, making it the suitable choice for demanding applications. These include dinghy mainsheets, jib and spinnaker sheeting systems as well as keelboat control lines.

Title breaking load kgfixing hole centres mmlength mmmaximum line diameter mmmaximum working load kgshackle pin mmweight g Price ex. VAT
A2040 Single 800-6410180-36.4 £24.83
A2040-4222ASS Single With Swivel Plate And Spring 800-7810180-69 £30.72
A2040B Single With Removable Bolt 800-6410180-37.2 £27.64
A2040HK Single With Hook 500-11010180-68 £30.64
A2040LZ Single With Lacing Eye And Spring 8003477.510180-45 £28.62
A2040SC 40mm Single w/Swivel 800-7310180446.5 £28.27
A2040SC-676 Single With Swivel And A.676 Cam Cleat 800-73101804142 £67.90
A2040SC-677 Single With Swivel And A.677 Cam Cleat 800-7361804107 £67.77
A2040Tii Single Tii-On 800-5810180-34.5 £24.83
A2040XHL Extreme High Load 1500-548650-71 £118.81
A2041 Single With Swivel And 20mm Fiddle Block 800-10010180486 £56.21
A2041-676 Single With Swivel, 20mm Fiddle Block And A.676 800-100101804140 £92.87
A2041-677 Single With Swivel, 20mm Fiddle Block And A.677 800-10061804128 £88.11
A2041-677HK Single With Swivel, Fiddle Block, A.677 And Hook 500-10061804140 £90.44
A2042 Double Block 1350-8410320-89.0 £54.03
A2043 Single With Swivel And Becket 800-10010180479 £53.50
A2043-676 Single With Swivel, Becket And A.676 800-100101804157 £89.89
A2043-677 Single With Swivel, Becket And A.677 800-10061804152 £89.89
A2044 Single With Swivel, 20mm Fiddle Block And Becket 800-122101804100 £62.97
A2044-676 Single With Swivel, Fiddle Block, Becket And A.676 800-122101804152 £99.35
A2044-677 Single With Swivel, Fiddle Block, Becket And A.677 800-12261804147 £94.67
A2044-677HK Swivel Block With Becket, 20mm Fiddle, A.677 and Hook 800-1226180-165 £94.67
A2045 Triple 1350-8410320-129 £77.44
A2045B Triple With Becket 1350-8410320-149 £86.28
A2046 Single Cheek 800356210180-33.0 £26.17
A2047 Quad 1350-8410320-165 £99.22