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Tii-Shackles feature an adjustable loop to make attachment quick and easy. This simple and easy attachment system will save weight and give you more options for attaching blocks. Perfectly designed for use with our Tii-On blocks and Pad-Tii ranges.

Title breaking load kgdiameter mmfor use withlength mmweight g Price ex. VAT
A15100 Tii-Shackle 2001.5A2020Tii1000.6 £8.76
A20120 Tii-Shackle 2002A2022Tii & A2030Tii120- £9.01
A20140 Tii-Shackle 2002A2032Tii & A2040Tii140- £9.01
A25110 Tii-Shackle 3002.5A2030Tii1104.8 £8.96
A25120 Tii-Shackle 3002.5A2032Tii120- £8.62
A40140 Tii-Shackle 6004A2050Tii140- £10.44
A40180 Tii-Shackle 6004A2060Tii180- £8.62
A50150 Tii-Shackle 10005-1109 £13.35