XHL Block Range

Revolutionising the high-load small block game, the XHL block range didn’t just step up – it soared. Initially designed to tackle the intense strains of the Moth vang system, this range has now infiltrated sailing classes across the spectrum, from ILCA to IMOCA 60s and everything in between.

What’s the secret sauce that makes the XHL block range stand out?

Enter the game-changing XHL bearing technology.

Picture this: our patented dynamic bearing technology seamlessly blended with a plain bearing peek washer, creating a bearing powerhouse that not only excels at low loads but laughs in the face of extreme static loads up to a whopping 1500kg.

Pair this cutting-edge XHL bearing technology with CNC machined aluminium side cheeks and a precision-turned stainless-steel sheave, and voila—a lineup of blocks tailor-made for vang cascades, halyard turning points, and backstay systems. Essentially, any scenario where your block needs to flex its muscles under extreme static loads while still delivering smooth, low-friction, low-load dynamic performance.

The XHL range caters to your needs with three sheave sizes – 20mm, 30mm, and 40mm – plus single and double sheave variations. And, to top it off, it comes in six vibrant colours, giving you the green light to pimp out your boat or control system. Because who said high-performance gear can’t have a bit of flair?

We haven’t stopped there though! Take your performance one step further with the TiiTAN Block. A further development which features a Titanium sheave and ceramic ball bearings.

  • 30mm ILCA Vang XHL Block
  • A2030XHL The one that started it all!
  • Double 20mm XHL spliced by southeast sailboats
  • Soft attachment pad-Tii with XHL block

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