49er Fit-out

The 49er and 49erFX have been the pinnacle of skiff sailing since its introduction to the Olympics in 2000. Now, 19 years later, 49er sailors make up the majority of Team Allen, our elite team of athletes who test and relay product information back to our design team.

Just some of the 49er Team Allen sailors include;

Dylan Fletcher and Stuart Bithell (470 Silver Medalist) – Current number 1 in the World rankings and 2017 World Champions.

James Peters and Fynn Sterritt – Current number 2 in the World rankings and 2017 World Championship runners up.

Diego Botin and Iago Lopez Marra – 2018 European Champions.

Chris Taylor and Sam Batten – Youth America’s Cup winners 2017

Our 49erFX Team Allen sailors include;

Martine Grael and Kahena Kunze – 2014 World Champions, 2016 Olympic Gold medalists and 2017 World Championship runners up.

Charlotte Dobson and Saskia Tidey – Number 1 in the rankings for 2018.

With help from our Team Allen sailors, we have put together a Team Allen approved 49er fit-out. All of the hardware in the list below has been extensively used and recommended by the team. It is all standard catalog hardware and is readily available from most chandleries and direct from us!

Winners rely on Allen, so use what the best use!



Spinnaker System 

Function Description  Code Quantity
Spinnaker Pole Deck Block 25mm Single Clevis Pin Head A4993 1
Spinnaker Halyard Double 30mm High Load Back To Back A2038HL 1
Spinnaker Halyard Cleat Cam Cleat With Mega Pro Lead – Small A..77-497 1
Spinnaker Halyard Ring Nylon Sail Ring A..56 1
Spinnaker Halyard Take Up 20mm Single Tii-On A2020Tii 1
Spinnaker Halyard Blocks 40mm Single With Lacing Eye And Spring A2040LZ 2
Spinnaker Sheet Blocks 45mm X2 AutoRatchet or 50mm Pro Ratchet A2345 or A2150 2

A2150 – Spinnaker Sheet Block


A2038HL – Spinnaker Halyard Double

Control Lines 

Function Description  Code Quantity
Control Line Deck Blocks 20mm Single Cheek Block A2026 6
Control Line Double Blocks 20mm Double A2022 3
Control Line Triple Blocks 20mm Triple A2024 2
Kicker Mast Block 20mm High Load Single A2020HL 1

Mast Base Control Lines – A2020HL & A2022

Jib and Mainsheet Blocks 

Function Description Code Quantity
Jib Track Car Block 30mm Tii-on Block A2030Tii 1
Jib Swivel Cleat Angled Ball Bearing Base With Sheaved Fairlead A4866XB-Angled 1
Mainsheet Ratchet Block 50mm Pro Ratchet A2150 1
Mainsheet Rear Blocks 30mm Single A2030 3


Function Description Code Quantity
Ball Stoppers Small Ball Stopper A..22 8
Trapeze Ring Wide Trapeze Ring With 20mm Bal Bearing Block And Stainless Steel Ring A4261 4
Fast pins Rig Fast Pins A5005 4
Shroud Plate Heavy Duty Vernier Adjuster A4772 2
Thimbles High Load Thimbles A..87-15 6
Boat Breaker Cleat Block 20mm Triple With Cleat And Becket A2027 1
Boat Breaker Blocks 20mm Single Cheek Block A2026 3
Rig Spanner Bottle Neck Rig Spanner A4004 1
Outhaul Clip Snap Shackle A64000 1
Halyard Clips Carbine Hook A731705 3