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Spinnaker Pole Cleat


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Spinnaker Pole Cleat

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Spinnaker Pole Cleat


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Spinnaker Pole Cleat

Titleeye inside diameter mmeye outside diameter mmfixing hole centres mmfixing hole diameter mmlength mmmaximum rope size mmspar diameter mmweight gRRP
A..31Spinnaker Pole Snap Hook9---428228£3.22
A..54Jib Stick Spike----52-228£3.25
A.131External Spinnaker Pole Snap Hook9-3348381512£4.18
A.132Spinnaker Pole Mast Bracket Single Eye - Acetal 127-3--358£4.18
A.154External Jib Stick Spike--35489-1511£3.88
A.232Spinnaker Pole Mast Bracket Double Eye - Acetal 127-3--5012£4.90
A.257Spinnaker Pole Cleat--3641056-18£2.11
A.357Spinnaker Pole Ramp--4941506-16£2.32
A.602Spinnaker Pole Tubing 25mm O/D----4-2512£89.27
A4232Spinnaker Pole Mast Bracket Double Eye - Stainless166-4--50 - 7061£23.77
A4331Piston Triggered Spinnaker Pole End13-7051421034150£24.58
A4332Spinnaker Pole Mast Bracket Single Eye - Stainless176-4--5037£13.16
A4431Piston triggered spinnaker pole end10-37610272250£16.82