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Alloy Track Un-Anodised


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Alloy Track Un-Anodised

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Alloy Track Un-Anodised

Extruded aluminium track profiles, suitable as luff track for a sail, securing awnings to structures and curtain side panels.

Please note – Track is not available to purchase online due to extra shipping details. Please get in touch with our sales team to find out more information.

Email: sales@allenbrothers.co.uk

Phone: +44 (0) 1621 784689

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Alloy Track Un-Anodised

Descriptionend stop requiredfixing hole centres mmfixing hole diameter mminternal width mmlength mmto suit slugweight gRRP
A..26-1Alloy Track Un-Anodised A.136UndrilledUndrilled 163660A..89 and A..952.5£83.94
A..26-2Alloy TrackA.136765163660A..89 and A..952.5£123.90
A..26-260Alloy Track Un-AnodisedA.136UndrilledUndrilled 16260A..89 and A..952.5£4.69
A..26-3Alloy TrackA.13676516300A..89 and A..952.5£14.40
A..26-4Alloy TrackA.136765161055A..89 and A..952.5£31.52
A.526-1Alloy Track Un-AnodisedA.738UndrilledUndrilled 192600A..90 and A..9230£71.30
A.526-2Alloy Track AnodisedA.738765192600A..90 and A..9230£105.86
A.526TAAlloy Track AnodisedA.738UndrilledUndrilled 192600A..90 and A..9230£90.61
A.626Luff Grove TrackA.824UndrilledUndrilled 55400A.1581200£95.93
A.626-1Luff Grove Track Un-Anodised A.824UndrilledUndrilled 55400A.1581200£78.74
A.656Luff Grove TrackA.924UndrilledUndrilled 56000A.158 and A.9581300£91.70
A.656-UNANODLuff Grove Track Un-Anodised A.924UndrilledUndrilled 56000A.158 and A.9581300£78.00
A.824Sail Feeder---10.515A.6265£13.64
A.924Sail Feeder--49.530A.65612£15.41