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Alloy Track Un-Anodised


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Alloy Track Un-Anodised

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Alloy Track Un-Anodised

Alloy track designed for use with our range of traveller cars. Available in anodised black or silver with pre-drilled fixing holes. Also available un-anodised and with no fixing holes.

Please note – Track is not available to purchase online due to extra shipping details. Please get in touch with our sales team to find out more information.

Email: sales@allenbrothers.co.uk

Phone: +44 (0) 1621 784689


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Alloy Track Un-Anodised

Titlecolourend stop requiredfixing hole centres mmfixing hole diameter mmlength mmweight gRRP
A.226-1Alloy Track Un-Anodised SilverA.136UndrilledUndrilled 36607£45.00
A.226-1000Alloy Track AnodisedSilverA.13676410007£26.17
A.226-2Alloy Track AnodisedSilver A.13676436607£68.50
A.226-222BlackAlloy Track AnodisedBlackA.1367642227£21.48
A.226-230Alloy Track AnodisedBlackA.1367642307£22.74
A.226-330Alloy Track AnodisedSilverA.13676433070£32.60
A.226-5Alloy Track AnodisedSilverA.13676456570£28.67
A.326-1Alloy Track Un-AnodisedSIlverA.736UndrilledUndrilled 366011£46.51
A.326-2Alloy Track AnodisedSilver A.736755366011£46.51
A.726-4Alloy Track AnodisedSilverA.736755104373£48.19
A.726-5Alloy Track AnodisedSilverA.73675537573£55.34
A.816-0.9Alloy Track AnodisedBlackA.91675490018£42.72
A.816-1500Alloy Track AnodisedBlackA.916754150018£75.47
A.816-29erAlloy Track For 29er BlackA.91675477518£86.64
A.816-3.0Alloy Track AnodisedBlackA.916754300018£104.53
A.819-0.9Alloy Track AnodisedBlackA.946100590058£44.56
A.819-3.0Alloy Track AnodisedBlackA.9461005300058£110.11
A.826-2Alloy Track AnodisedBlackA.536 / A.936100536605£112.75
A.826-3Alloy Track AnodisedBlackA.536 / A.936UndrilledUndrilled36605£131.51
A.826-5Alloy Track Anodised BlackBlackA.536 / A.93610059005£59.24
A.826B-1.5Alloy Beam Track AnodisedBlackA.937 / A.946UndrilledUndrilled 1.55£84.58
A.826B-30Alloy Beam Track AnodisedBlackA.937 / A.946UndrilledUndrilled 30005£130.49